Girl Boss: Katy Fults of Katy Girl Designs

Each month we will be interviewing incredible creative women who have decided to pursue the hard road of small business, no matter how big or small it may be.  They will share their personal experiences, trials, inspirations and advice. We hope you are inspired and encouraged to be your OWN version of a GIRL BOSS.  

β€œEncourage each other and build each other up”

β€” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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Win a Free Hand Lettered Off The Wall Home Fall Print

Our Sale in the SHOP continues on all of our Fall prints as we are making room for our... dare I say it... Christmas and Holiday line!  So if you are needing just a little bit more of a special touch in your Fall decorations around the house now is the time to run over and grab you something.

We have also added these Fall prints as Instant Digital Downloads so you can have it to frame or set out in an instant!

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How To Be Creative When Your Hurting

How to be creative when your hurting and heal at the same time.  

Turn off or away from distractions and toward inspiration.

It's easy for me to have the TV on while I'm working, sketching, lettering, whatever it is I'm doing that uses my creative side.  But I've found that really does stifle me when I'm already struggling to get to that creative zone

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New Off The Wall Home Arrivals to Put On Your Christmas Gift List

New Off The Wall Home arrivals in the Etsy Shop to help get your Christmas Gift list started! 

It's been a long time coming for this line of Off The Wall Home "Southern Girl" products. We've had a few requests to have a "Well Bless Your Heart" Shirt.  So what started with a request for a shirt became a whole new line.  

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Amazing Magazines To Try Out Right Now!

Finding amazing magazines is a major part in our creative process at Off The Wall Home.  Here are some for you to try right now to inspire creativity.

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If We Were Having Coffee... & Free Print Download

If we were having coffee right now... I would be real.

So as we're sipping on our coffee (in our cute antrho cups with pumpkin spice creamer, cause ya know, Fall) I would tell you that my life is messy.  But not really messy in general, more like, it hurts now.

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This Month's Girl Boss: Jenna Sinns of Like Pearls On A String

When Jaime and I decided to start blogging again we knew we wanted to be purposeful and intentional here.  

And because we have been in this creative industry as small business owners and women entrepreneurs for well over a decade now, we wanted to share our experiences, our struggles, or inspirations... the whole deal. We want other women to believe in their gifts and talents and their calling.

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