Amazing Magazines To Try Out Right Now!

Finding amazing magazines is a major part in our creative process at Off The Wall Home.  Here are some for you to try right now to inspire creativity.

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If We Were Having Coffee... & Free Print Download

If we were having coffee right now... I would be real.

So as we're sipping on our coffee (in our cute antrho cups with pumpkin spice creamer, cause ya know, Fall) I would tell you that my life is messy.  But not really messy in general, more like, it hurts now.

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This Month's Girl Boss: Jenna Sinns of Like Pearls On A String

When Jaime and I decided to start blogging again we knew we wanted to be purposeful and intentional here.  

And because we have been in this creative industry as small business owners and women entrepreneurs for well over a decade now, we wanted to share our experiences, our struggles, or inspirations... the whole deal. We want other women to believe in their gifts and talents and their calling.

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7 Reasons To Be Creative

I love that I am a working artist and have had a really terrific career. But even loving what you do doesn't mean you don't get overwhelmed, overworked or burned out.  It especially means YOU ARE GOING TO BE OVERWHELMED, YOU ARE GOING TO BE OVERWORKED, AND YOU ARE GOING TO GET BURNED at times...

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How I Became More Productive

How I Became More Productive: When you are a wife, a mom and a small business owner, organization and planning is the key to productivity.  I truly have seen my business flourish so much since utilizing the paper planner system.

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