Amazing Magazines To Try Out Right Now!

Finding amazing magazines is a major part in our creative process at Off The Wall Home.  Here are some for you to try right now to inspire creativity.

Like a squirrel stashing away nuts for winter, I have always been a collector of magazines (HOARDER IS SUCH AN UGLY WORD) and I have hundreds of them stashed throughout my home and studio.  I truly do have the most awesome excuse.....Magazines are a great source of reference and it is where we get a lot of our creative juju.  Seriously!!!  Many of our best artistic endeavors have been sparked by an idea we have found on these pages, allowing us to take and run with them using our unique spin. 

Years ago, everyone had a magazine and I would bring them all home hoping to glean some artful inspiration from them.  But over time there was less inspiration and more and more ads.  The costs of producing printed copies became too expensive and all of the good ones had to either shut down production or go to digital format, which to me is not the same.  So now I am super choosey..... Have you seen how expensive they have become? And most are not out monthly, but quarterly.  I typically choose only those I know I will reference over and over again for years.  If I keep them in my arsenal, its because I know that it is one worth saving and it repeatedly gives me something new EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the pages.  No matter how old they are or how much styles have changed there is always something timeless that we can use.  If I can glance through a magazine once and not be upset about misplacing it or loaning it out, then I don't find it useful.  And especially, if I don't get upset if you dog ear the corners when you borrow it...its not a keeper. (By the way, who does that?!?!  Page Marker People, thats who!!!!!)  Don't earmark the pages in my mags please!!

My co-conspirator magazine hoarding enabler, Melissa, will tell you that I am totally obsessively weird about them.  When we make our field trip to the bookstore and I find a new issue has been released, I won't buy the one in the front or on the top of the stack, I have to grab  the one in the back so I know I am the only one who has touched it... Mmmmmm I can just feel the slick pages and hear the crisp sound of the pages turning.... CAN I GET AN AMEN?  Surely I'm not the only one?  But seriously these are an important part of our creative process.  

Now, down to facts.

We have our favorites, those "SPECIAL'  issues we can't do without.. Those "We can't miss an issue EVER!!!!" mags.  That brings me to Mary.... Sweet Mary Engelbreit and to the year 2010 or 2011, when a scream could be heard around the globe after she announced it was no longer going to be published.... (To be honest, I think I have had to block this from memory, so I could go on)  There may have been tears.  And I still need a moment of silence for that one.  Time actually stopped that day in the studio.  We literally stopped working.  Melissa and I had to have a brief moment of silence and grieving period as well as a trip to Huey's for a cheese plate followed by burgers and OUR OWN ORDER OF FRIES...( no salad here folks, not when you are grieving for Mary...sweet Mary Engelbreit and her little Ole "Home Companion") There may or may not have been a trip to Baskin Robbins, I will neither confirm nor deny (There is no shame here).  I think we even hit Sonic for a Diet Coke to wash all the grief and calories down.... GO BIG OR GO HOME Right? We don't speak of it often but the hurt was deep and real... I don't know if we have or will ever quite recover from this travesty..... You see,  every page of Mary's magazine was filled with colorful and whimsical eye candy.  We could not just flip through it on the fly and call it read...No! No! N0!  Mary's magazine was meant to be savored and an appropriate block of time has to be allotted when one could sit, uninterrupted, and soak in every delicious image.  IT WAS DELIGHTFUL!  I think we both still feel that way when an old issue is pulled out to walk through again.  WE LOVED IT SO!!!!!  You can find a lot of these old issues on EBAY.  They are very much worth the time and money to track them down because you will treasure them forever... I promise!

Through the last couple of years the economy has gotten better and more and more publishers are producing magazines that are absolutely wonderful and we have found new beautiful ones that we love.  I don't know if we will ever get that giddy feeling we felt when the latest Home Companion came out because it was very special indeed!!! We however, have found a new treasure trove of favorites that warms our creative mojo right up.

FLOW, a new to me publication, gets me doing a happy dance when I see it on the bookstore shelf.

It's all about positive mindfulness, creativity and the beauty of imperfection.  They're about beautiful illustrations and there is always a gift from their wonderful papers in every issue.. and it is always different.  It really inspires my creative writing and journaling while encouraging mindful living.  

WHERE WOMEN CREATE and WHERE WOMEN CREATE BUSINESS are great publications that showcase artists in their natural habitat...BELOVED STUDIOS.  For anyone who wants to be inspired to start up a business creative or otherwise and how successful women do it....GIRL BOSS y'all!!

MINGLE is a magazine devoted to celebrating and gathering with friends, family and community.  Beautiful ideas for parties, holidays and special events..... even just picnics with the family. It is all here.

Amazing Magazines To Try Out Right Now by Off The Wall Home.  Artful Blogging Magazine!

ARTFUL BLOGGING  magazine is such a wonderful resource for those who have a blog, want to start a blog or want to find beautiful blogs to follow.  I have found so much inspiration and 'how to' tips from this magazine and it is done quite beautifully.

Amazing Magazines To Try Out Right Now by Off The Wall Home. Bake and Sift Magazines are amazing!

Y'all, it doesn't have to be strictly home decorating magazines, art or creative types that inspire us.

Several cooking and food magazines like SIFTBAKESOUTHERN CAST IRON are huge Inspiration givers. These food and kitchen mags are packed with so much goodness!  They figured out that by creating beautiful table settings and stories behind the recipes it is much more appealing to everyone even non cooks.  Seriously, they are illustrated and written so well it makes you truly think you can do anything.  

With all the crazy talented illustrators, photographers, and stylist,  publishers have upped their creative game and INSPIRATION IS EVERYWHERE.   Go to a book store and grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit and peruse the pages.  There is so much to be seen and IT IS ALL ART!!! 

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