Girl Boss: Katy Fults of Katy Girl Designs

When Jaime and I decided to start blogging again we knew we wanted to be purposeful and intentional here.  

And because we have been in this creative industry as small business owners and women entrepreneurs for well over a decade now, we wanted to share our experiences, our struggles, or inspirations... the whole deal. We want other women to believe in their gifts and talents and their calling. We want to inspire you to risk it all knowing that God called you to use your specific gifts to bring Him glory in this world that so desperately needs it. The way we do this looks different for all of us but we still tend to get caught in the comparison game no matter how hard we try.

With those things in mind, our GIRL BOSS feature was born.

Each month we will be interviewing incredible creative women who have decided to pursue the hard road of small business, no matter how big or small it may be.  They will share their personal experiences, trials, inspirations and advice. We hope you are inspired and encouraged to be your OWN version of a GIRL BOSS.  

“Encourage each other and build each other up”

— 1 Thessalonians 5:11

GIRL BOSS Katy Fults of Katygirl Designs on Off The Wall Home

When and how did you get your business as an artist started?

I was gifted a knock off version of photoshop when I had my first baby, 6 years ago. I started playing around with it & realized that I really enjoyed it. After a few years of teaching myself the program, I opened up my shop on etsy in September of 2012. Since then, I have gotten new programs (thank God!) and I've taught myself how to hand letter & draw. 

What or who are your main sources of inspiration in life and in work?

Honestly, I try really hard to only be inspired by my surroundings and myself, haha! It is really dangerous for me to gain inspiration from other designers or artists because I can easily slip into a comparison situation and start feeling not good enough. I am mostly inspired by the Lord and my kids. I have learned the hard way to love yourself and your work and be proud of who you are. 

GIRL BOSS Katygirl Designs Office on Off The Wall Home at

Can you tell us a little about your working process, work schedule and surroundings?

I made a commitment when I started my shop that I would not work while my kids were awake. I have tried really hard to stick to that motto, but as they've gotten older and more independent, I'm able to work a little bit more. I work every day & night, usually during nap time, during school time, any chance I can sneak away for a few minutes on the computer. I have an assistant who is also one of my closest friends and she comes twice a week to package up all your orders. We have a BLAST together & we are always laughing. She makes my job so much more fun! And organized. I'd be lost without her. We snapchat every time we work can follow along at @katykristin. We are big goofballs!

GIRL BOSS Katygirl Designs on Off The Wall Home at

What is your favorite part of what you do?  Do you have a least favorite?

My favorite part of what I do is knowing that my work is in homes all over the world. I hope and pray that it brings people closer to Jesus and that it encourages people as well. My least favorite part...insecurities. Those stinkers creep up in me so fast & I have to work really hard to remember why I started this bring people closer to Jesus and to encourage people. :) And hopefully brighten people's day. 

Of all of your creations do you have a favorite?

Currently, my favorite creation is our 2017 KGD tent calendar. It was a huge labor of love & I'm so excited for people to use it in their homes. 

GIRL BOSS Katygirl Designs 2017 Calendar on Off The Wall Home at

How did you develop your particular style?

 I think style is meant to be constantly developed and evolving. :) I spend a lot of time researching new trends before I create certain lines. I started this job using free fonts and cheap clip art...nothing wrong with that at all! But as I've evolved as a designer, I have come to notice that styles have also evolved as well. People are really into hand lettering now, whimsical illustrations, watercolors. BUT....I would have to say that it is important not to lose yourself and your own personal style in the midst of that. Be who you are! Your hand lettering does not need to look like anyone else's. It's better that way!

What's next?  Do you still have a dream?

The sky is the limit for KGD. I am allllll about dreaming big and can't wait to see what's next. We have some secrets up our sleeves. ;) We just came back from pitching our work to several large retailers at the etsy headquarters in Brooklyn. We never DREAMED it could happen to us and it did. Can't wait to see where we go from here. 

GIRL BOSS Katygirl Designs at Etsy on Off The Wall Home at

I know you have to be encouraged and inspired by hearing Katy's thoughts on creating and getting a peak inside her world. 

Will you show her some love and leave a comment here on this post letting Katy know how awesome she is! I am so happy I was able to meet her on Instagram through the Sketch a Day's she hosted. Since then I've followed her journey on Snap and Instagram and besides her sense of humor, I'm inspired by her creative courage and values.  

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