How To Be Creative When Your Hurting

If you are a creative person, and I'm a believer we all are, then you may struggle with creating when you are in a season of hurt.

I would sometimes associate it with "writer's block."  Here are some things that have proven to help me be creative when I just didn't want to be.  And in the process have helped to heal the hurt.

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You won't find any scientific surveys are experiments with these, that I know of anyway.  I would be thrilled if you do, please let me know.  These are purely just things that I do that are sure to help bring back my creative spark and desire.

Turn off or away from distractions and toward inspiration.

It's easy for me to have the TV on while I'm working, sketching, lettering, whatever it is I'm doing that uses my creative side.  But I've found that really does stifle me when I'm already struggling to get to that creative zone.  

When your heart is already burdened or heavy, you may feel pulled in different directions.  I feel like I just can't focus or even free my mind up to allow room for creativity.  Having the TV on just adds to the pull for me.  Sometimes even being around other peoples conversations will hinder this process.

What does work for me is listening to inspirational music.  For me that would be some sort of worship music.  It resonates with my heart and my soul.  It singles me out from all the "stuff." The Holy Spirit is our Helper and when I'm praising God with music the Spirit just works in and through me and the Ultimate Creator inspires me to create.

Remind Yourself of God's Promises & What He Has Already Done For You

If you are on social media at all you've probably seen the hashtag CHOOSE JOY.  When I stop thinking or dwelling on what is wrong or what hurts, and I start to focus on what is good, right and what God has blessed me with there is almost and immediate shift.  I'm choosing to have joy.

Not an immediate fix.  Maybe sometimes in some things, but in a season of real hurt, sorrow or pain this may be more of a slower process.  

But when we choose to focus on God's promises for us, on his goodness and his blessings, we open up to what the Spirit is doing through us.  Our eyes begin to see the joys around us and our hearts begin to become less heavy and become lighter and more grateful.  This breeds creativity for me.

Today I found an old document on my computer a friend had given me years ago.  It's a love letter from God containing all the scriptures about God's love for us.  I began handwriting each scripture down.  My hand began slightly cramping but my heart became giddy!  I felt so creative.  I even began working on some things for the coming month for our Newsletter and Shop.

@lisselew on Snap

@lisselew on Snap

Step Away From Your Normal and Do Something Fun

This is hard for us stay at home mom's of little ones.  But sometimes the stars align and your able to sneak away for a girls night or even get a sitter for a date night!  This is just fuel for the soul.  It's a must.  We have to get out and have experiences to inspire our creativity.  It's the hilarious girl's night out's or the romantic time alone with your man that can help you to think of that special something you want to paint, write about, or letter.

Put Down the Stories and Dive Into Scripture

Here's the deal, I love all kinds of books.  The picture of me and my girls above are from my Book Club night out seeing The Girl On The Train movie.  Fun and easy stories are fabulous!

But when I'm in a real season of hurt I sometimes want to distract myself.  There are those times when that's ok. But it doesn't help to heal the hurt. And we need to be healed.  We need to go through that process to get to the other end of it.

Reading the bible, doing a bible study or devotional, has the same effect as the first step mentioned.  Not only that, but God speaks to us through his written word.  There is no better medicine for the broken heart than God speaking to our hearts!

A couple of months ago, I had a customer contact me to do this custom print above.  She gave me the scripture she wanted and told me she intended it for her granddaughters nursery.  Now, she emailed me about this the day after we found out my Dad had passed away.  She obviously understood I needed a bit of time but eventually I had to sit down at my desk and get this painted.

It was the first creative thing I did after this time.  It wasn't easy getting started.  But because it was a scripture, I opened up my bible and read the verse.  I read it over and over. I wrote it over and over. And truly, as though God painted through me, it became so fluid and natural and just like that it was done.

I know some of you reading this don't have this struggle at all.  That's great! We are all made up differently.  I'm one of the one's when my heart is burdened, it isn't free to create.  So these are just some things I do to free my heart up and invite God in to create through me.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.  What are some ways you get through your season of hurt to bring creativity back into your daily life?

xoxo, Melissa