We're Back...

 It's my turn to tell you how excited we are to be relaunching our website, blog and shop.  After what seems like an eternity away, Melissa is back in the 901 as she calls it and we are gearing up to rock the creative community like only two paint girls from the 901 (lol) can do. 

When we started our business together we had no idea of the different opportunities and paths that our journey would take… These years have brought on so much change…some good, some bad …some really bad.. but oh soooooooo much WONDERFUL in the midst of it all!!!

Melissa and Bart came back home (my daddy said they would be back…he was always right) with TWO EXTRA tribe members… (Party of five for dinner now..YIKES!!! How she does it is beyond me). And my babies are growing up way too fast… oldest almost out of college (and has a real job... thats one of those wonderful things I mentioned) and the baby is in the ninth grade (I’m not quite sure if this is the good or bad..  but I'm hopeful and optimistic).  What I do know for sure is that time flies when you are having fun and God has blessed this friendship and family of ours so much more than we could have ever dreamed.


These are my people and I love them hard…

It's our hope that we can offer you some joy and blessings along this journey of ours. We guarantee there will be laughter, probably some tears and lots of crazy shenanigans… But most of all we are putting on our creative and hope you find joy along the way with us.   

Again, I want to thank you for taking the time out to follow our journey… My fellow 901 girl and I love to hear from you guys so please feel free to stop here sit a spell… Join us we would love to have you!